The Ultimate Tote Bag

The bag was designed especially with the ladies everyday needs and in mind. It is a versatile bag; it functions as a regular Tote, yet it is made of some of the toughest materials available in the industry. The 1000d Cordura fabric, the YKK zipper and the Duraflex accessories are all proof of the fact that we think long-term about our products and want to offer a life long user experience.The Naljorma Tote is in someway elegant, yet casual at the same time. The main closure of the bag provides a zipper for more safety and waether protection. The bag also features a small exterior, slide-in pocket. Its an excellent place For change, tickets or small self-defense tools. The Naljorma Tote bag is versatile enough both function and design wise, so it can work through your day from being a city biker, office compatible, casual bag up to being even suitable for short trips and the like. Make this your primary Tote for life. The materials and its Handmade status assures that this thing will last, and will offer you many ways to ease your carry habits.

Technical details
Volume 15 L
Fabric : 1000D Cordura
Ykk zipper


Additional information