Pocket Factory backpacks are designed to provide comfort, good looks and practicality for those on the move. Therefore our bags act as micro homes in their users nomadic lives. They keep all our essentials safe and at hand. In turn, they can help us limit the amount of unnecessary things we own.

We build our bags of high quality, lasting materials supporting environmental sustainability per long term use. Our view, the One bag philosophy, it’s a concept based on choosing a backpack wisely with long term usage in mind – covering all the possible needs of the backpacker. This customer centric and eco friendly way stays in sharp contrast with the exclusively sales oriented view of a wasteful global fashion industry and gives us the freedom to produce high standard, handmade goods.

A more expensive but long lasting bag doesn’t need to be thrown away. Cheap, short lifetime backpacks make you spend just as much money in the long run and not only are a waste of resources but pollute the environment for decades to come. Producing them only benefits self-serving corporations who might support ideologies and religions that are contrary to humanistic values. They often take advantage of workers who tie themselves to a careless industry for survival, instead of seeking better ways of living per education and developing unique skills in order to benefit themselves and their local communities.

Having one bag makes us appreciate and care about the item more because we can depend on it for a lifetime. This approach can reduce our attachment to material possessions, as the bag will limit the quantity of stuff naturally, due to its capacity. This is especially valid if we pursue to own just as many things that fit into one backpack. As more and more people choose a minimalistic way, backpacks represent a new value and the main foundation of this lifestyle since they evolve into the most important tools to organise and simplify our lives, all together resulting in more freedom.